Saturday 2nd June 2012 - Married for 2724 days

Wedding Party

Richard Newbury - Father of the Groom - The every faithful 'taxi service' (even to this day) and sporter of one fine moustache!

Mark Bowry - Father of the Bride - AKA The handy-man, always at Gemma's beck and call for any DIY emergencies that Scott can't deal with... so all of them!!

Janet Newbury - Mother of the Groom - The girl from the valleys and horder of plates!

Caroline Bowry - Mother of the Bride - Loves shopping and buying things so shopping for the wedding has been a dream for her!

Craig Newbury - Best Man - Scott's older brother, who introduced him to Super Mario and Star Wars!

Terry Odell - Best Man - Scott's best friend, went to school together and got in trouble, worked together and got in trouble, many years to go and more trouble to get in together!

Nicola Hopkins - Cheif Bridesmaid - Gemma's best friend and has known her since they were the wee age of 3 and done lots of things together - Lived next door to each other, went to school together, She's even got her own Scott!! Always looks after Gemma at the end of a night out :-)

Lauren Bowry - Bridesmaid - Gemma's much younger sister AKA Bert. If you asked Lauren 10 years ago who she wanted to marry it would have been Scott! ;-)

Lacey Newbury - Bridesmaid - The little princess and daughter to Gemma and Scott. Gets her smarts from her mum and her looks from her, well, mum.

Andrew Hall - Usher - Has known Scott since they were little tykes running around the playgrounds of Knowle Park Nursery.

Adil Khan Deshmukh - Usher - Lived on the same street as Scott thoughout their child-hood playing all sorts of games.