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The 7 day countdown! - 26/05/12 - 12:00pm

So, it is exactly one week to go before the big day and it seems like only a short time ago that it all started!

Everything is falling into place with little bits to do here and there but are getting ticked of the list.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the day and hopefully the weather will stick around and accept the invitation we've sent!!


Closer and closer - 22/04/12 - 3:00pm

So six weeks to go and everthing is coming together!!!

The Hen do was very successful and all had a fantastic time so a big thank you the the Chief Nicola for organising it!

The bride wasn't to worse for wear the next day so was an added bonus!

Currently working on the 'Order Of The Day' which should be done by the end of week.

Fights have broken out between the Bride and Groom over music selection so if you have any ideas or requests enter them on here, on 'Have Your Say'


2 months to go!!! - 02/04/12 - 8:28pm

Only 2 more months to go until the big day!! There has been alot going on and things have been ticked of the list left, right and centre!!

Hair trails are coming up again, bridemaids have tried their dresses, all the men have had their measurements...and now secretly loosing the pounds before the final suit fitting.

Hoping the weather will be like what it has been this week and if so, will shape up to be that little bit more special!!

Since the last time! - 26/02/12 - 5:21pm

97 days to go!!

So many things done and so many to do it seems!

Most of the invites should have made it's way to your door mat so if you can kindly RSVP then we can start to confirm numbers etc and get another thing ticked of the list!

Hair trails and bridesmaid dresses have come and waiting to be worn and the suit fittings are coming up next weekend!


This week - 05/02/12 - 4:37pm

Invitations are making there way out!! Yes invites are currently making there way out via postman Scott and his not so black and white cat Mark, who have been fighting the snow!!

Anyone who has tried to RSVP online before today (5th Feb) it hasn't worked which we are sorry about. There was a bug thats now been sorted so kindly ask if you can try again.

We have been ordering little bits for table and room decorations too and may have finally sorted the flowers!!

This Week - 29/01/12 - 11:27am

So another week down and another 18 to go!

This week we have finally sorted the invitations which are hopefully going to be sent and received in the next few weeks.

The cake topper has also been decided and purchased!

Gemma has been to the venue to finalise a few details and we were still trying to sort the flowers!!

This Week - 22/01/12 - 8:29pm

Tick-Tock the time is flying by! Only 19 weeks to go!

This week we have met with the cake maker and have finalised everything with them, all you with a sweet tooth people will be pleased to hear!

Also we have met with another florist and hopefully will have that sorted and crossed of the list soon too!

The invitations have been worked on so keep your eye on the post as we will be sending them out very soon!

This Week - 15/01/12 - 11:43am

This week both the Stag and Hen venues have been sorted!

The meeting with the florist didnt happen unfortunatly, but bopefully going to be arranged this week so we can cross that off the list!

We have also been looking at places to go on our honeymoon. So far Florida but maybe New York or even Las Vegas for a couple of days too!!

This week - 07/01/12 - 7:54pm

This week a few things have been confirmed - Both the dates for the Hen and Stag nights!! Meeting with a final florist regarding the flowers and finalising the invitations so we can get them sent out!!

2012 - 01/01/12 - 12:35pm

So its 2012 and this year we are getting married!!

After the Christmas break all attentions have gone back to the wedding!

We are currently working on the invitations and sorting out flowers but have ticked of the entertainment for the evening and the photographers.


Latest Update - 03/12/11 - 3:50pm

Hello Everyone! 

First time doing this so bare with us! Well so far we have arranged the suits, wedding dress, photography and venue. Coming up we are looking at flowers, table decorations and invitations. On Wednesday 21st December we are going to get the bridemaid dresses, so for this we need shoes - if anyone has any ideas where we can get reasonably priced bridal shoes please let us know!



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