Saturday 2nd June 2012 - Married for 2724 days

The Beginning


GemmaThe Bride

Gemma 'Gums' Bowry


ScottThe Groom

Scott 'Snack-Attack' Newbury

How we met...

It was a hot summers day in paridise. Scott laid on the beach, muscles pierced through his unbuttoned shirt, gazing into the bright blue sea in front of him. He noticed a figure, which turned out to be Gemma, and with his full attention watched her emerge from the sea like something out of Dr.No.... OK, OK so it didn't quite happen like this. We met in the Staines branch of Woolworths both working part-time in 2001! And, unlike the store chain, grew stronger together since. Though the relationship has somewhat mirrored that of Rachel and Ross (Friends)in the end we are each others lobsters (One being Quorn as Gemma is a veggie!)

The proposal...

Have you ever heard the word frape? Well 'fraping' plays a big part of the proposal and we need to give you a little background info too. We both play a little game where, if we leave our phones unattended, we try to take it without the other person knowing. Then we go on to Facebook and write a little note for the other to read later.
After receiving the blessing from Mark (Gemma's Dad), Scott managed to get Gemma's phone and write the message 'Will You Marry Me?'. When Gemma opened her phone to see the message, Scott was down on one knee and 'popped the question'!!